Renewable Energy

Fathom Systems are a credible supplier of equipment to the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector.  In conjunction with our specialist Electrical Services and Automation Division, we are actively engaged with key industry bodies and consultants to help transfer our innovative technology expertise to the current challenges in the ORE industry sector.

Fathom Systems supply the Low Voltage Distribution Board for installation within the Transition Piece.  This is the section of tubular structural steel appearing both subsea and surface linking the monopile and the tower.


LDA Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm

ORE is a maturing industry and is created using wind farms constructed offshore, usually on the continental shelf, to harvest wind energy in order to generate electricity.  The wind farm comprises a number of wind turbines that operate on a simple principle.  The energy in the wind turns three blades around a rotor.  The rotor is connected to the main shaft, which spins a generator to create electricity assisted by gearbox, drive train and brake assembly.

Higher wind speeds are available offshore compared to on land, so offshore wind power’s contribution in terms of electricity supplied is much higher.  The output of a wind turbine depends on the turbine's size and the wind's speed through the rotor.  The future will possibly see 10MW turbines in operation, fewer in number but larger in diameter.  Offshore Wind Farms (OWF’s) will be developed in deeper waters using different technology methods as the industry matures further and in new territories.

Unlike the typical usage of the term "offshore" in the marine industry, offshore wind power includes inshore water areas such as lakes, fjords and sheltered coastal areas, utilising traditional fixed-bottom wind turbine technologies, as well as deeper-water areas utilising floating wind turbines.

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