Why Choose Fathom

New Build Dive Support Vessel Projects

Fathom Systems are at the forefront of the new build Dive Support Vessel programme in being able to provide a fully interconnected system to meet with a number of key Dive System requirements including Diver Voice Communications, Diver Monitoring, and Gas Analysis.  This is further extended to high accuracy Digital Depth Monitoring and Chamber Shutdown Control, Chamber Entertainment Systems, Chamber Penetrators and Junction Boxes, Chamber Power Switching, Alarms and Status Panels as well as equipment for in-built or mobile surface supplied Air Dive Systems.

Fathom Systems are currently engaged in 10 new build Dive System projects and are firmly established as being a ‘one stop shop’ key supplier of equipment.  We do not stop at the supply of hardware – we have an experienced team of installation and commissioning personnel that are able to attend client premises worldwide in order to provide a full turnkey service, including product competency training prior to system handover.  A 24-7 technical support service for after-sales is also provided with easy contact made to Fathom representatives either by telephone or through our on-line service support helpdesk.


Connectivity – assuring the client of a fully integrated, tested, and certified system

One significant difference between modern and legacy equipment is connectivity.  We design and build equipment and systems that allow communication and data transfer between different sub-systems and areas of the Dive System.  Interconnected systems can co-operate to make operations safer, maintenance and diagnostics simple and to share important parameters:

    • Gas analysers receive chamber and bell depth signals to allow correct management of gas concentrations
    • Digital diver communications over the Fathom proprietary fibre network allows voice communications throughout the entire system
    • Remote management and control of instrumentation and sensors saves time and simplifies control rooms
    • Individual Diver exposure data is available throughout the dive system, to SPHLs and to shore


Challenges – reducing the interface risk

Fathom Systems understand the challenges of any new build project and the various interfaces that exist between parties.  Dive System suppliers do not manufacture all equipment in-house, so they must work with reputable appointed sub-suppliers.  Managing interfaces with equipment suppliers, vessel owners, certifying authorities and the shipyard is often difficult and expensive.  The many interfaces and multiple equipment suppliers therefore present a real project risk – cost, schedule and function.

    • Appointing Fathom Systems reduces the number of sub-suppliers and subsequently reduces project risk, interface management effort and cost
    • Choosing sub-suppliers like Fathom Systems, who can offer a complete certified system design rather than simply supplying discrete components, places responsibility for system function and compliance entirely with the supplier

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Making the right choice – appointing Fathom Systems as the industry preferred supplier

Many factors affect selection of equipment sub-suppliers:
    • Functionality & specification compliance
    • Cost (purchase, installation & commissioning cost)
    • Track-record (reliability, references)
    • Installation and operational support including warranty
    • Client / owner preference
In considering the above factors, why choose Fathom Systems?
    • Safety, Reliability and Quality of equipment and systems
    • Capability to offer complete integrated certified system designs
    • Industry standard Digital Diver Communications Systems with 133 installed systems & 21 SPHL/HRF systems to date
    • Industry Standard Bell Emergency Thru’-water comms systems (37 systems installed)
    • Market leading Diver Monitoring Systems – NORSOK compliant
    • Best in class, award winning Gas Analysis systems with exceptional reliability
    • Unrivalled operational support
    • Low cost of ownership


Who chose Fathom Systems for their new build Dive Support Vessel: