Training Specialist

Industry Sector:




Commercial Diving & ROV - control, monitoring & communications.

Portlethen, Aberdeen.

Negotiable - depending on experience and qualifications.

40 per week.


Job Summary

Fathom Systems have recently established a training and competency assurance department for both our internal staff but principally for our clients.  We use the ‘Litmos’ Learning Management System (LMS) which is a cloud-based platform that delivers mainly technical content and course modules relating to the various products and systems manufactured and supplied by Fathom.  We are recruiting for the position of Training Specialist whose main role will be to work with Fathom technical staff to develop training course and competency assurance content that will be delivered as a matrix of modules to users, based on the specific requirements of the trainee and their particular job role.  This position will have responsibility for the overall management of the LMS, its operation and deployment.


Job Description

The successful applicant will be responsible for the following:

  • Identify training and competency assurance requirements for specific Fathom Systems products, and lead the development of a structured suite of modules and competence assessments that satisfy the needs of both external clients and Fathom employees;
  • Maintain and improve the LMS to deliver a flexible personnel development programme that provides tracking of competency and compliance;
  • Conduct training needs analysis of specific trainee roles;
  • Facilitate the design of training modules and competence assessments which improve the capabilities of trainees whilst delivering added value to both the trainee and their organisation;
  • Engage with Clients to ensure appropriate uptake and delivery of training courses to their personnel including assisting remote online deployment and delivering face to face blended modules;
  • Periodically evaluate training systems and content to ensure that they reflect the requirements of Fathom’s current and future product offerings;
  • Monitor the quality and performance of both the internal and external use of e-learning and any other training experiences introduced in the organisation;
  • Stay abreast of the current trends and tools in training & development and respond to any other requirements as defined by management.

The work would be predominantly based at the Fathom Systems office, but there may also be a requirement for occasional site & vessel visits, including overnight trips within the UK and overseas.


Applicant Requirements

The applicant shall ideally meet many of the following requirements:

  • Experienced in the design, implementation and delivery of training services within an industrial or academic environment;
  • Possess at least 3 years’ experience in implementing / managing Web / cloud based e-learning systems;
  • Qualified or have relevant experience in a technical field;
  • Proficiency in software packages used in the development of training content (e.g. video production / editing, software / screen capture recording, overdubbed narration etc.);
  • Computer literacy and proficiency with MS Office packages;
  • Proven technical writing skills.


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