Hyperbaric Cameras

HD Video surveillance of saturation chambers is now easy with Fathom’s Hyperbaric HD Camera developed with fNETp and integral lighting so one cable pair runs multiple units, significantly reducing penetrator and wiring costs.

‘Two wire’ hook up shares camera power, HD video and dimmable lighting, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

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With a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080, the Fathom Systems Hyperbaric HD Camera has been developed for high definition video surveillance within saturation chamber areas and control rooms.

The one-atmosphere housing of the camera is rated to 100MSW or 350MSW and is available as standard in anodised aluminium or optionally in stainless steel.

Power and video over a single screened twisted pair cable is achieved using the Fathom proprietary fNETp protocol on an underwater capable connector.

The high quality view of the chamber internal area can also be panned and zoomed by the operator when using a touch-screen on the operators display and system data combined on screen.

Chamber view