SPHL Monitoring

The latest releases of IOGP-478 & IMCA D052 recommend Critical Systems Monitoring and Tracking (CSMTS) for self-propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats, a solution first developed and deployed by Fathom.

Remote monitoring for incident management of SPHL from any location globally either on land or at sea.

SPHL cutaway

What is CSMTS

CSMTS is a ‘Critical System Monitoring’ & ‘Tracking System’ designed by Fathom to meet and exceed current guidelines and requirements for safe operation of self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL), as stipulated in IOGP Report 478 and IMCA D 052.

The system transmits critical sensor and mission data from the SPHL to shore via the low level ‘Iridium®’ satellite communications network via two antenna mounted in a suitable position on the topside of the craft.

The DSV Operator has access to all data from Fathom managed terrestrial servers and a ‘Client-side’ application allowing bi-directional data transfer between incident rooms and the SPHL.

Visit our Hyperbaric Lifeboat Monitoring page for detailed system information.