iVP - intelligent Valve Pack

The iVP is a field proven fully proportional intelligent valve pack using industry standard directional and pressure control valves.

It provides hydraulic control requirements for  complex underwater systems including tooling skids, tracked vehicles, tether management systems and tool deployment units. The modular format allows for future system expansion if required. 

iVP 10 function


  • Modular intelligent valve pack
  • Proportional control throughout
  • Cost effective field proven technology
  • 1 to 12 functions – expandable, flexible
  • Embedded Processor for instant start-up
  • Software configurable
  • External sensor capability
  • Single channel video overlay
  • Standard & bespoke software screens
  • Integrated Comms Link
  • Fully self-contained system

iVP 02

The fully integrated subsea unit is supplied with a dedicated PC operating Fathom Systems Windows®based control software. The easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) guarantees that critical operations can be performed to the highest and safest levels. The control system is part of a family of integrated products that enable operator control commands to be expressed at a remote location and data to be collected and transmitted for display or storage at the surface PC. The system can be configured in a number of ways to suit the user’s requirements and existing power and communication infrastructure. 

iVP 03

The modular design allows the product to be fitted with up to 12 bi-directional valves, plus a pressure control valve. The proportional valves provide accurate and smooth control of hydraulic functions without the need for external fixed flow throttles. The iVP is offered with numerous options which are described in full in the section entitled iVP Modularity. A typical configuration may consist of a number of two station directional modules to provide flow and pressure control.

All iVP’s feature an electronics module that provides proportional power supplies and a communication link to the surface, thus creating an intelligent valve pack. This allows the system to operate as a self-contained control system under the command of a topside PC. Alternatively a Fathom Systems iPP - intelligent power pod can be used to provide the +24Vdc to 2 x 12 function iVP’s as well as power, control and comms for sensors, video cameras, lights, sonar, gyrocompass and electric pan and tilt units. Here, the iPP is the system master and the iVP is the system slave. Other options, include a basic power pod which provides a +24Vdc power supply for the iVP from a 110Vac input.



System Set-up Options

Electronics Module (Burton or SubConn cabling)
Wandfluh NG3 Valve type WDPF-A03
Wandfluh NG6 Valve type WDPF-A06
Wandfluh Pressure Control Valve type MVPS-A03
Hydraforce Pressure Control Valve type TS-1036
Wandfluh PO Check Valve types BDERV3 & ADERV6
SUN Based High Flow Pressure Relief Valves
Upstream, Downstream & Depth Pressure TXD’s
Single Input & Return to Tank
Twin Inputs & Twin Returns to Tank (dual fluid)

Sensors Set-up Options

Depth TXD: 300 Bar 0-5v
System & regulated pressure TXD: 600 Bar 0-10v
Service Line pressure measurement: 600 Bar 0-10v
Turns Count: 24 bit, Single Pulse or Quadrature
Strain Gauge Input: Constant current source to 4 wire strain gauge TXD. Set-up for 350 or 700 ohm bridges for 10v excitation


Electronic 100Hz Loop Control
Hydraulic Working Pressure: 207 bar (max)


Depth Rating: 3000msw (optional up to 6000msw)
P, T, NG6 Valve, Fill & Drain: 3/8” BSPP
NG3 Valve: 1/4” BSPP
Material: 6082T6 Al Hard Anodised to BS5599, Dyed Black & Dichromate Sealed to 50 Microns
Weight in Air: Specification Dependant
Weight in Water: Specification Dependant


Power: 24v DC smoothed & regulated
Data: RS232/RS422 (for use with ROV MUX)
ARCNET (mini system used for comms between host & slave hardware subsea)
Host Interface: SubConn BH10MSS (spec 44 wire) or Burton 5507-1508
Sensor Interface: SubConn MCBH6FSS x 2, MCBH8FSS x 2 (Spec 44 wire)

Electronics Set-up Options

Processor, Valve Power Driver, Low Voltage & Diagnostics, Two Channel Fast Counter, Torque Transducer & Torque Tool Interface Electronics 12 & 16 bit analogue and 8 x digital inputs for instrumentation.
Local LED status of telemetry, power supplies, water ingress and alarms visible through viewport

Software Features

Graphical Representations, Password Protection, Automatic Calibration, Alarm Control, Diagnostics Valve and Electronics Operation, Video Overlay, Data Logging Tool Nudge, Tool Direction Control, Emergency Stop, System Presets, Water Ingress Alarms

Topside Control

Branded Laptop PC (IBM LeNovo Think Pad), Saitek X52-Pro Joystick & Throttle Suite, USB/RS232 Converter, Optical Mouse. Optional – Panasonic Toughbook CF31 or Mini Dell Optiplex PC

Revised March 2014. Specifications subject to change without notice.