Gauge Calibration

Gauge calibration and certification On-Site


To confirm and assure the most accurate performance of instrumentation and as a general industry standard requirement, depth and pressure gauges used in safety critical applications are examined, serviced, calibrated and tested at a 6 monthly interval.  This service is provided using the appropriate test equipment from an extensive range of assets held by Fathom Systems to cover all eventualities, the certification of which is traceable back to a national standard.

This service is further enhanced by the provision of replacement components at a time when a gauge is withdrawn from operation.

Depth Gauges (to IMCA detail sheet 18)

Checked to an accuracy of ±0.25% of max. scale value at a min of 10 points within the scale.

Life Support Gauges (to IMCA detail sheet 19)

Visual examination and check to an accuracy of ±1.6% of max scale value at a min of 6 points within the scale.

Indicating Gauges (to IMCA detail sheet 20)

Visual examination for physical condition and function test throughout normal operating range.

Digital Gauges

Checked to an accuracy of ±0.25% of max. from TXD readout with adjustment in situ using zero and full-scale potentiometers.

Pressure Relief Valves (to IMCA detail sheet 24.3)

Visual examination and function test followed by a leak test to maximum working pressure.  Relief valves are tested against certified test equipment traceable back to a national standard.


Gauge calibration and cylinder inspection services offered are also suited to onshore plant facilities, marine sector vessels, offshore platforms and FPSO’s with Westflo already appointed as the service provider for several non-Diving Clients.

All calibration and inspection services are carried out by certified and competent personnel and in accordance with IMCA D 018 guidelines and recommended code of practice.  All gauges are tested against certified test equipment traceable back to a national standard.

Fathom Systems is ISO9001 accredited with Lloyd’s Register and have a certified track record with DNV GL, BV and ABS.  We offer a team of experienced gauge calibration and cylinder inspection service personnel to attend client facilities both onshore and offshore globally, providing technical service and support – 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

For further details of capability, please refer to the Gauge Calibration and Cylinder Inspection Services brochure or contact Greg Sim at Fathom Systems on 01224 401000 (  or alternatively contact