Diver Voice Communications Systems delivered for Hyperbaric Tunnelling Sector

22nd May 2014

Fathom Systems are delighted to announce the delivery of their first digital communication units to partner company IHC Hytech in the Netherlands, specifically for the hyperbaric tunnelling industry.

For this specialist sector, the equipment demands are increasing as the projects are getting deeper and deeper. This is pushing the technology from relatively standard compressed air work equipment into the realms of saturation diving techniques. This requires the ‘pressurised’ workers to use helium rich breathing gasses which have an effect on their voices – like in the commercial SAT Diving industry, they start to sound very ‘duck’ like.

In order to understand them correctly, a so called ‘helium unscrambler’ communication system should be used to electronically correct the distorted voices so they sound close to normality. Safety of operation requires good communication and the field proven Fathom diver voice communications system is an essential part of it.

Fathom Systems has supplied its innovative and versatile digital unscrambler communication systems for the first time to the hyperbaric tunnelling market via its world-wide tunnelling market distributor IHC Hytech.

The Fathom Systems digital unscrambler communication systems are the system of choice for the demanding offshore saturation diving industry and can be regarded as being at the forefront in helium rich environment communication equipment.

IHC Hytech is one of the leading suppliers of high-end hyperbaric tunnelling shuttle systems and living chamber systems and is driving the design and supply of innovative saturation tunnelling systems for deeper projects.

The delivery consists of two, identical, complete systems which comprise each of a main digital communication system (including the helium unscrambler technology), microphone and speaker assembly, outstation for saturation chamber entrance lock and (dual unit) for main chamber and all required cabling and penetrators.  Both communication systems are to be installed by the IHC Hytech service crew, following delivery, on location in the Far East.

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