Fathom Systems awarded contract for NUI Bergen facility upgrade

3rd February 2016

forside kontrollrom

Fathom Systems are delighted to announce the successful contract negotiation and award from NUI for the turnkey supply of equipment and services as part of an upgrade to their onshore Hyperbaric Reception Facility located in Bergen, Norway.  The supply of intelligent Gas Analysis, Diver Monitoring, and Voice Communications equipment for the Saturation Dive System is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year and also includes full installation, commissioning and training services as part of the package.  Stuart Falcus, BD Manager for Fathom Systems, comments:

‘This has been a fairly lengthy and thorough negotiation during a time of extreme circumstances faced by all in our industry.  We must thank all involved at NUI for their co-operation, loyalty, and hospitality shown to Fathom Systems during our negotiations to ensure that we have now agreed on the most cost effective, yet technical and advanced system possible.  We very much look forward to seeing our equipment installed at NUI later this year.’

Since 1976, NUI has delivered subsea services and competence to the oil and gas industry.  With their expertise and unique facilities, NUI are a useful partner for both national and international subsea operations.  NUI offers testing, training, and hyperbaric contingency services for subsea and diving operations in the North Sea area as well as developing techniques and equipment for safe and efficient testing, and a high level of expertise and knowledge of different test/verification methods and equipment.  Their in-house laboratory and testing facilities can perform testing of gas, chemical components, equipment, and personnel.  The NUI facility services are based upon requirements in National, International, and Industry standards such as Norsok, IMCA Guidelines, and OGP Standards.

For further information on NUI, please visit http://www.nui.no/

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