Fathom Systems equipment to feature as standard in new IOGP compliant IHC-Survitec Hyperbaric Lifeboat

27th January 2017

Image courtesy of Royal IHC.

Fathom Systems are delighted to confirm that the new IOGP compliant SPHL (Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat), now being offered to the Commercial Diving sector by industry leaders IHC Hytech and their partner Survitec Survival Craft, will feature Fathom equipment as standard.

Digital Diver Communications System (DDCS) equipment, as already installed in a number of SPHL’s, together with intelligent Gas Analysis (iGA) equipment, is further complemented by the CSMTS (Critical System Monitoring & Tracking System) required in order to comply with IOGP criteria published in the report 478 of September 2014 – ‘Performance of Saturation Diving Emergency Hyperbaric Evacuation & Recovery’.

The new SPHL is the first fully IOGP compliant vessel offered to the industry by incorporating the Fathom Systems CSMTS as standard, a product which is now gathering a lot of interest and commitment from both Dive Support Vessel (DSV) operators and IOGP Clients alike as market conditions improve slightly.  Longer term, the portfolio of the host DSV is further enhanced when tendering for IOGP member charters by offering the IHC-Survitec SPHL with pre-installed Fathom CSMTS, DDCS and iGA products.

Stuart Falcus, BD Manager for Fathom Systems, comments:

"We have built an excellent business relationship with IHC Hytech over a number of years and are extremely pleased to see that following our introduction, both IHC and Survitec are now offering their IOGP compliant SPHL to market.  IHC, as our appointed distributor in the Benelux region, have a magnificent track record in having manufactured and outfitted in excess of 60 hyperbaric chambers for SPHL’s, which, combined with the strong market position and reputation of Survitec, is a perfect collaboration.  To complete the package, we now include Fathom Systems market leading technology products making it the most attractive, technically advanced and commercially viable option to both the new build and upgrade market.  We very much look forward to seeing our equipment installed in the first SPHL’s during 2017."

Together with Aberdeen based Survitec Survival Craft (Part of the Survitec Group), IHC Hytech is involved in the design and manufacturing of Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL), suitable for 12, 18 and 24 persons and for depth ranges up to 400 msw.

The 12, 18 and 24 persons are the standard SPHL’s.  Optionally, SPHL’s are available for 9 and 15 persons with side entrance and additional supply lock on request.  Survitec Survival Craft is responsible for manufacturing and outfitting the GRP hull with a main engine, bow thruster and all necessary navigation and propulsion equipment as well as it’s “Queens Awarded” Safelaunch RocLoc patented LRRS system.

IHC Hytech builds the duplex evacuation chamber and its life-support equipment including cooling and hot water production plants, clamping systems and spool pieces.

The entire unit will be SOLAS and DNV-GL Class approved.  The interior of the diver evacuation chamber as integrated in the SPHL includes a hyperbaric toilet, CO2 scrubber systems, supply lock and a service hatch at the front.

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