Fathom Systems secure supply of IOGP compliant safety critical equipment for new build SCV Hyperbaric Lifeboats

14th March 2017

Fathom Systems are delighted to confirm that a contract has been secured with Baku Shipyard LLC in Azerbaijan, to supply and install CSMTS - Critical System Monitoring and Tracking System equipment to two Hyperbaric Lifeboats currently being installed on the new Subsea Construction Vessel ‘Khankendi’.

Following the publication of the IOGP Report 478 in September 2014 – ‘Performance of Saturation Diving Emergency Hyperbaric Evacuation & Recovery’, Fathom Systems have developed and implemented the required advanced technology product solution stipulated by the IOGP and have been offering the CSMTS equipment to market for some time.

The CSMTS – Critical System Monitoring and Tracking System is a stand-alone data acquisition, recording, communications and transmission product developed by Fathom Systems to meet and exceed the current guidelines and requirements for the safe operation of Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL) in the event of an evacuation from the host Dive Support Vessel (DSV/SCV).  The product is a multi-unit system that is an industry wide requirement as stipulated in IOGP Report 478 (7.4) and an essential element of the hyperbaric evacuation plan set out in the IMCA D052 guideline document.

The system transmits critical sensor and mission data from the SPHL to shore through the low level ‘Iridium®’ satellite communications network via two redundant antennae mounted in a suitable position on the topside of the craft.  A terrestrial server system managed by Fathom Systems receives the data which is then distributed via the Internet to allow remote monitoring and incident management of the SPHL from any location globally either on land or at sea.  The DSV/SCV Operator has access to all data from the terrestrial servers via the Internet connection and a ‘Client-side’ application allows bi-directional data transfer between incident rooms and the SPHL.  The ‘Iridium®’ satellite communications system provides automated data transmission of the measured parameters.

As the service provider, Fathom Systems automatically monitors the status of all equipped SPHLs continuously.  In the event of a launch, an immediate alert is received allowing the shore based response teams to be notified by telephone, SMS or e-mail.  Automated periodic ‘health check’ interrogation ensures a fail-safe and direct system availability.  The on-board HMI is a Panasonic Toughpad mounted in the cockpit of the SPHL at the life support panel and hosted by the master data acquisition unit (MDAU).

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