Introduction of Fathom Systems Training

18th May 2018

A new service provision from Fathom Systems has been officially launched.  Fathom Systems Training was a concept from Gareth Kerr (Managing Director, Fathom Systems) to increase the level of service offered to customers and to make accessible vital and important information.  This training service is not just aimed at partners, but also for the committed and skilled team at Fathom Systems. 

Gareth Kerr stated:

“One of the most important things in our industry is the competence of all people involved. From divers, supervisors, technicians, superintendents, LSSs/LSTs, to OCMs and vessel managers. Also, onshore support staff and our own experts. Delivering the right quality of training and assuring the competence of all personnel is vital so we can all fulfil our duty of care over others.”

Neil McKinnon joined Fathom Systems in January 2018 as Fathom Systems Training Specialist, with the responsibility of bringing the service to life.  With over a decade learning and development experience, Neil recommended a full portfolio of learning, development and competence solutions be implemented, supported and governed by strong values.  Neil McKinnon stated:

“Before any development started, I felt it was important to develop strong value driven foundations.  Having such values offers transparency on how we intend to operate and where our effort lies.  The focus must and will always be on the learner, it is important that the experience they have provides a feeling of ownership towards their personal development.  From this approach I know there will be quantifiable benefits to our partners across a wide range of element, including safety performance and economic indicators”

Neil’s experience at some of the largest organisations in the world allows a wealth of products and services to Fathom Systems Training, which include: 

  • E-learning development and hosting
  • Instructor led assessor and verifier training
  • Consultancy services
  • Competence management services
  • Media development

Neil McKinnon continues:

“I am excited in developing a comprehensive portfolio which will be available to current and new partners.  My intention is to innovate and use the latest technologies available, which link in with the ethos here at Fathom to continually challenge and revolutionise.  With the skill, experience and knowledge of the team at Fathom Systems, I am in the enviable position of having industry experts on-hand.”

Such an innovation is the use of Virtual Reality (VR) to immerse the learner into an environment or scenario.  All of Fathom Systems Training products and services are developed in house and hosted on a specifically selected Learning Management System.  Ensuring 24/7 secure access to learning materials and learner records.  Which inevitably minimises administration time by offering a welcome streamlined process. 

Stuart Falcus, Commercial Manager at Fathom Systems commented:

“Gareth’s vision has been taken onboard by Neil and we are seeing something special in the offering.  Beyond traditional training methods, where you gain your certificate at the end, Neil has developed an option within the LMS where learners can continue to access important elements of their training and reference material.  In the industry we are in, chances cannot be taken as peoples’ lives could be at risk, not only is it an innovative idea, it is the right thing to do.”

For further information please contact or alternatively call 01224 401000.


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