The iGC & iFG – Ten Years of Industry Success

20th May 2016

Gyro Products

In partnership with underwater products specialists, Tritech International, Fathom Systems have sold over 800 intelligent Gyrocompass based products and although the market has been in decline as a direct result of current industry conditions, to this day the product range remains a favoured option for both new build and upgrade ROV projects.  The combined total supply of the intelligent Gyrocompass or iGC, a solid state motion, heading and attitude reference unit offered in a single atmosphere pressure housing, along with sister product the intelligent Fibre Gyro or iFG, providing heading correction and stabilisation, now totals over 700 units.  The balance is made up of other products offered from the intelligent Gyrocompass range and include Fathom designed interface PCB’s to replace legacy heading interface electronics in the likes of Scorpio, Diablo/Demon and Pioneer work class vehicles and also to provide a host platform for the iGC & iFG as well as an interface to the on-board primary NSG (North Seeking Gyrocompass).  The product range, whilst Fathom IPR owned, has been badged and sold exclusively as part of the Tritech International range and has been a perfect fit to their expanding portfolio for the last ten years.  We are thankful to Tritech for their many years of sales, support and marketing effort to achieve this level of success.

For further information on intelligent Gyrocompass based products please visit: ROV Control System Products & Heading Sensors.

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