Hyperbaric HyPad

Hyperbaric Qualified Tablet Device for Chamber Entertainment Systems

The Hy-Pad is the main system interface for each of the users in SAT and is where all their media content is accessed on the high-resolution touch-screen display.


The Hypad has been developed in response to a market need for hyperbaric qualified tablet device for chamber entertainment systems, removing the main battery for safe use of the device in chambers.

Key Features:

  • Hyperbaric qualified product
  • External power supply
  • Windows™ operating system
  • Rugged case
  • Lightweight design

Key Benefits:

  • Use throughout diver’s compression, saturation and decompression
  • Real-time video and audio streaming
  • Versatile tablet device
  • Easy to hold and operate

On-demand Entertainment

When combined with a Fathom or third-party media server, the Hy-Pad can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from a simple ‘analogue to IPTV television broadcast’ to a fully managed, digital television and on demand access to stored media.

Chamber Entertainment