DRL - Decompression Rate Limiter

An independent protection system for DNVGL-OS-D202/E402 compliance.

Continuously monitoring the chamber pressure conditions, the Fathom DRL comprises a compact stainless-steel control unit fixed to the outside of the chamber and a dedicated precision digital pressure transducer monitoring chamber depth.

If the rate of change of pressure in the chamber changes too rapidly (flow fuse) or exceeds set parameters over time, the DRL safety relays automatically shut-in the chamber regeneration safety valves.

'Healthy', Enabled' and 'Tripped' status indicators with manual a reset are provided on the DRL panel while internal fault detection circuits continuously monitor for sensor or system failures. Comprehensive settings and diagnostics, as shown below, are provided via PC application for system maintenance.

The DRL may be retro-fitted to virtually any chamber requiring upgrading for compliance to DNVGL-OS-D202/E402.

DRL window