Bell Internal Data Terminal

Bell Internal Data Terminal DSC 8709 retouched2

As an enhancement to the TWC/EBC, a data terminal unit may be installed inside the SDC in order to provide a text message facility within the bell.

This unit allows text messages to be sent from the HMCS Dive Supervisor’s screen to the bell to inform the divers of important information as required.  The system also allows the display of other information (such as instrumentation parameters, bell-run time elapsed etc.) as may be configured within the HMCS / iBIS.

The terminal control software is a simple text message system with a user friendly interface.  This interface allows the Dive Supervisor to clearly see the currently displayed message as viewed by the diver on the data terminal itself, and allows the Dive Supervisor to draft the next message before sending.

The control software includes an ‘Alert’ button that can be used to alert the divers that a new (and important) text message is being displayed.  Clicking this button generates an audible alarm tone from the data terminal.  The message displayed on the data terminal can also be cleared using the software by clicking the ‘Clear’ button.

The diver can acknowledge and respond to messages using the control buttons on the data terminal.