Dive Control & Bells

Dive touchscreen panel

The architecture of the DDCS required for installation and operation in Dive Control will be dictated by the client requirements, certifying authority such as DNV and any specific dive system compliance criteria, such as NORSOK. 

Generally speaking, each bell console will house an identical redundant pair of DDCS chassis and OCPs.  The channel allocations and hardware within the rack are determined at the point of specification.

The Fathom dive control communications system can be configured to provide:

  • Up to fifteen 25W diver audio channels
  • Fibre optic (lossless) audio links between SDC - SAT DDCS and SDC - SDC enabling bell to bell handover at the work site or access to chamber communications (e.g telephone) systems from a submerged SDC
  • Fully configurable Helium Speech unscrambler facility for every channel
  • Line output (1V P-P) channels for recording interfaces
  • Individual Supervisor audio profiles with USB storage facility
  • Supervisor wireless headset interface
  • Active channel monitoring
  • Live redundant operation: Any and all changes made on the active OCP are transferred instantaneously to the standby OCP.  In the unlikely event of a failure, the backup system is ready to come online with all current operational settings intact at the touch of a button.

Various outstations can be configured to provide communications to topside operational personnel. For example, wireless communications to deck personnel or crane operators, inspection outstations and inspection audio channels.  This ensures all aspects of the dive can be captured on the Black Box recorder.