iAU - intelligent Acquisition Unit

The Air Dive Control container is equipped with an industrial rackmount PC or networked laptop computer for the Dive Supervisor.  This PC is used to provide the operator interface for the Dive Supervisor for ‘live’ data display of the DMS measured parameters.  The PC is typically located on the desk in front of the Supervisor’s work position.  The Supervisor uses the integral keyboard and mouse-pad on the laptop to enter commands and to interact with the system as required.

At a suitable location in the Dive Control room, the surface-mounted intelligent Acquisition Unit (iAU) is fitted.  This unit is offered as either a 316 stainless steel wall mounted cabinet or in 19” x 4U rackmount format containing interface circuit boards and a power supply, and is used to collect data from the various air DMS sensors (optional sensors in the Dive Control room, optional hot-water temperature sensor at the umbilical HW manifold, chamber sensors and diver depth sensors carried by the divers).  The iAU operates from a 230V AC supply typically fed from the air dive system UPS, and has an RS232 output data connection to the Dive Control Laptop PC. The iAU provides clear system diagnostics through the use of multiple status LEDs.  These indicate the condition of input signals from sensors and the status of power supplies and telemetry links.

Fathom Systems also provide rackmount solutions for Air Dive equipment that includes DMS, Voice Communications, Camera & Hat Light Control Units & Video (Black Box DVR), Instrumentation hubs for sensing equipment as well as Gas Analysers. 

Air Nitrox iAU Cabinet

Air Dive Control Room iAU Cabinet.


Air Nitrox DMS iAU 4U Rack

4U Rack-Mounted iAU.


25U Air Dive Comms Video DMS Rack

25U Air Dive Comms, Video, & DMS Rack