O2 Injection

iGA O2 Injection reducecropped

The O2 Injection Slave module is an integrated controller whose function is to maintain the oxygen concentration of a diving system chamber (or chambers) at a constant controlled level. 

When divers are in saturation, the chambers in which they are living have an oxygen rich environment, the concentration of which is maintained by the addition of oxygen from a pressurised supply.  Oxygen must be added to replace the naturally consumed oxygen by the metabolism of the divers themselves.  It therefore follows that the rate at which oxygen is consumed in a chamber is dependent on the number of occupants and how active the occupants are.

The Fathom Systems O2 Injection controller therefore allows the Life Support Supervisor to set an appropriate partial pressure set-point for the diving operations being carried out, and the unit controls an external O2 injection solenoid valve that adds oxygen to the chamber automatically.