Fathom Systems awarded Control System supply to Atlantic Marine

18th November 2016

Fathom Systems have secured the further supply of field proven control system products to Atlantic Marine and their operational arm, ROGE Systems.

Since the inception of ROGE – Remotely Operated Grab Excavator, the preferred choice for the heart of the system has been the Fathom Systems iVP and iPP – intelligent Valve Pack and intelligent Power Pod.  These field proven products have been a standard fit to all ROGE systems past and present, hosting a number of 3rd party items such as Cameras, Lights, Gyrocompass and other sensors as well as controlling hydraulic functions including the industrial type Grab and Thruster units.  Originally developed for the Marine Salvage sector, ROGE is now lending itself nicely to other market segments including Renewables, whereby the system is deployed in field for cost effective, efficient boulder and debris removal in preparation for Wind Farm development.  Currently, Atlantic Marine’s operational arm, ROGE Systems, are deploying a number of assets from their own fleet of vessels in the North Sea for this very purpose.

RogeWinBG AMv1

Stuart Falcus, BD Manager for Fathom Systems, comments:

“I am fortunate enough to have been involved with the development of the ROGE system almost from the start and proud to have seen the Fathom Control System package be used as the preferred choice for the last 11 years.  Our new client, Atlantic Marine & Aviation, have continued to support the product which is effectively the heartbeat of the system and now have a number of assets deployed using our package.  More recently, we have worked closely with AMA to develop a new Control System software package which is now being used in field and making the Operators/Supervisors job even easier with a single clear and easy to use HMI graphic.  We look forward to continuing and building on our business relationship with AMA and ROGE Systems and thank them for their patience and loyal support”.

Captain Paul Crowther, Director of Atlantic Marine and Aviation, adds:

“The Fathom Systems team have been able to support this unique and robust subsea system in order to develop it from its original concept as a deep ocean salvage and recovery tool into what it is today – an effective and powerful subsea ROV style tool with heavy lift capabilities and the ability to work in coastal waters or ocean depths in both the oil and gas and renewables sector.  Fathom Systems user interface, design and subsea systems packages have proved themselves as the market leader in this new frontier of ROGE ROV development over the past 10 years, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our mutual relationship as well as see the ROGE system continue to dominate the market”.

ROGE image 2

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Marine & Aviation.

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