ROGE – Remotely Operated Grab Excavator

The Fathom Systems iVP based intelligent ROGE controller is a field proven fully proportional intelligent valve pack deployed as a slave unit to the master iPP (intelligent Power Pod).

The Fathom Control System package has been the preferred industry choice for a number of years in controlling the ROGE – Remotely Operated Grab Excavator used in the Marine Salvage, Renewables and Decommissioning market sectors.  The fully integrated subsea units of both iVP and iPP are offered with standard topside control system software developed and owned by FSL.  The iPP hosts a number of 3rd party products that include cameras, lights, altimeter, depth sensor, gyrocompass and other sensors as well as hosting the iVP which provides the hydraulic functionality for the Tritech Pan & Tilt Unit, industrial Grab and Thrusters.

The ROGE, originally developed in around 2004 specifically for the Marine Salvage sector, now lends itself nicely to Renewables for efficient and cost-effective boulder removal and deployed off the back deck of a vessel of opportunity.

The latest Fathom Systems software package shown below allows the operator a single view on a large sized monitor of all aspects of the system including; iVP hydraulic functions, Thruster Vector, Heading, Pitch, Roll, Depth, Altitude, Camera & Light Control, Winch Control (Pay Out) and heave Compensator, Control System Diagnostics and System Alarms, and Oil Level indication from system Pressure Compensators.

RogeWinBG AMv1