Power, Video & Comms

iBIS Bell Internal Power Video Comms Inside reduced

Inside the bell there is a stainless-steel electrical junction box used to collect and distribute power, video and diver comms signals to/from the bell internal equipment and the Divers’ excursion umbilicals.  This junction box has a variety of terminal connections for this purpose, and all cable penetrations into the box are via halogen-free cable glands.

There are two loudspeakers mounted to the front of this box – one for the ‘standard’ wired bell comms (from the Supervisor in Dive Control), and the other is for the emergency Life Support Package (LSP) comms from the IFOKUS / emergency stab connection (for use in emergencies such as a lost-bell rescue).

On the front of the box there is also the ‘CALL SURFACE’ pushbutton.  This is pressed by the Divers in the bell to attract the attention of the Dive Supervisor.  This pushbutton function operates a visual and audible alarm on the Back-up Panel which runs continuously until "accepted" by the Dive Supervisor.