HMI Back-Up Panel

iBIS HMI Panel inside reduced

In the event of a failure of the Hyperbaric Monitoring & Control System (HMCS) controls, it is vital that diving operations can continue – at least to allow safe recovery of divers in the water/bell.

To facilitate this, a purpose designed ‘Back-up Panel’ has been produced for each SDC which offers ‘traditional’ push-button and indicator lamp control of the critical/key SDC components. This Back-up Panel is located along with the Server at an accessible height for easy operation. The Back-up Panel gives the Dive Supervisor the ability to monitor the status of the key electrical services (via the indicator lamps) and, if needed, to take control of a particular item.

If there is a failure in communications between the iBIS gateway PLC and the HMCS system (interrupting control data from the HMCS), the iBIS automatically transfers control to the Back-up Panel for all functions. Once in this mode, if control is to be returned back to the HMCS, it must be done manually one channel at a time - assuming that the HMCS communications link has been re-established. Under certain circumstances there may be a requirement to quickly take control of all functions from the Back-up Panel, and to facilitate this, a key-switch marked ‘HMCS OVERRIDE’ is provided. Again, to return control to the HMCS, each channel must be ‘handed back’ manually.