Fibre & Redundant Networking Solutions

iBIS Fibre Termination Solutions Inside Tile reduced

Fathom Systems offer a range of rackmount Fibre & Ethernet termination solutions which may also be used in a non-iBIS application.

It is used as the primary link between all components, and is distributed via a number of fault-tolerant industrial networking ‘Ring Switches’.  Ring switches use a cabled ring topology to link all Ethernet switches on a network – allowing network operation to continue with a single failed interconnecting cable between switches.

For a typical iBIS application, the Ethernet network is used for all data traffic between the control system devices, and passes the control data to and from the HMCS.  In order to avoid a direct connection from the iBIS Ethernet Network to the HMCS Ethernet networks, a ‘Gateway’ PLC is used (installed in the 42U Cabinet).  This PLC transfers data continuously (twice per second) from the iBIS Ethernet Network to the HMCS Network and vice versa.

These products are also commonly used for fibre optic based DDCS.