Electronics Module

Electronics Module

The Electronics Module is the heart of every system and puts the ‘i for intelligent’ in the name. This assembly provides the main electrical interface for both power and communications with the host system as well as catering for a number of external sensors. It also accommodates the electronics required for the control of the electro-hydraulic spool valves, internal instrumentation for supply voltage monitoring, water ingress detection circuitry and internal sensing.

A viewport on the lid assembly allows for clear indication on system status via LED’s fitted to the display PCB. This includes telemetry, power supplies, water ingress and alarm status. In the unlikely event of a system fault, this is also displayed using a number of coded possible errors.

In order to gain the maximum benefit from a Fathom Systems iVP, it is anticipated that a number of external sensors may require to be hosted by the system. The internal Processor electronics capability, featuring a number of analogue and digital channels allows for the hosting of an array of external sensors such as transducers, torque tools, pressure compensators, gyrocompass, positional feedback sensors and so on. In the case of the Torque Tool Control System, additional electronics are installed to cater for the turns counter and torque feedback.

As standard, the Electronics Module features SubConn electrical connectors (BH10MMS host, 2 x MCBH6FFS & 2 x MCBH8FSS sensors) but a variant module is offered which features a Burton (2008) as the primary electrical interface.

A further variant of the Electronics Module is that it may also be offered as a secondary unit to host up to 4 cameras. Whilst this does not feature a full ‘focus and zoom’ facility as offered with the iPP, it does allow for the provision of a powering ‘on and off’ for all 4 cameras. Depending on Client requirements it may be necessary to install a different host connector in order to cater for the video signals, such as a Burton 2021.