iJB – intelligent Junction Box

iJB pic

The Fathom Systems intelligent Junction Box (iJB) provides an instrumentation and control hub for a variety of underwater applications.

The circuitry inside the oil filled and pressure compensated box provides input interfaces for a variety of sensor types and outputs for a range of industry standard communications systems and protocols. The iJB provides system flexibility by means of the great number of available configurations. It can be provided with a variety of board and electronics and data storage options, a self-contained battery supply that allows for long periods of autonomous operation and a number of ways of transmitting data to the surface including ROV mateable connectors such as Tronic, wireless and through water acoustic communications.


Sensor inputs:

  • 16 x 16 bit analogue channels
  • 4-20mA current loop or voltage
  • 8 x digital channels
  • Pressure compensation state (internal)
  • Water ingress detection (internal)

Other interfaces:

  • Video camera interfaces with power switching
  • User specifiable with additional circuitry / PCBs

External Communications:

  • Serial RS232 (full duplex)
  • Serial RS485 (half duplex)
  • Ethernet 10baseT
  • Short range wireless network

Communications protocols:

  • To suit application. (eg. UDP/TCP IP, ASCII, binary or customer specified)


  • Through comms link + Alpha-numeric display & status LEDS visible through box window

Power Supply:

  • External 15-30 VDC or internal / external battery packs

Depth Rating:

  • 3000msw standard, deeper options available.