Pressure Transducer Module

Pressure Transducer Module IMG 1055

The Pressure Transducer Module, or PTM is a small pressure-balanced oil-filled unit comprising a stainless steel (316) manifold block fitted with sixteen (16) 200-bar sealed absolute pressure transmitters.

These transmitters are used to measure the various system pressures in the process and control circuits – and their sensing ports are connected by means of hard-piped instrument tubing to the systems being monitored.

Designed specifically for a hydrocarbon sampling skid in operation with Subsea 7 for Tullow Oil, each of the pressure transmitters has a ¼” NPT male thread on the sensing port, and the transmitters are arranged in two parallel rows on the manifold. A black acetal cover protects the transmitter bodies and houses the transmitter wiring, and the top surface of the module has an aluminium cover with a stainless steel bezel. The pressure transmitters have an operating temperature range of 0°C to +100°C. The tolerated overpressure on the transmitter sensing port is 300BarG, and burst pressure is in excess of 1000 BarG. Transmitter accuracy is +/- 0.25%.

The specification includes two 21-pin Burton connectors and discrete wiring to each pressure transmitter with no requirement for a dedicated interface PCB in the PTM, as the connector tail wiring terminates directly at the pressure transmitters.

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