Camera & Hat Light Control Unit


The Fathom Systems Camera & Hat Light Control Unit is a stand-alone module that is installed in a 19” rack mounting 3U high sub-rack frame. 

The product is designed for installation in diving system control rooms – in the control stand where the operator controls the equipment that supplies the diver with power, communications and breathing gas.


  • Standard 19” rack mounting
  • Adjustable DC power for Diver’s Camera
  • Adjustable DC power for Diver’s Hat Light
  • Process returned video signal
  • Configurable text overlay for video output
  • Protect Diver from shock using LIM
  • Remote control using RS232 or Ethernet

Each unit provides one switchable 12V/15V/24V (selectable) DC camera power supply @ 2A maximum and an adjustable 0-36V DC current controlled LED Hat Light supply @ 1A maximum. Focus control is provided (12V bipolar or bi-wire) for the camera, or optionally an isolated serial RS232/485 interface for ‘smart’ camera control can be selected inside the unit.

Each camera and light supply has a graphic display providing information about camera and hat-light operating current and voltage, together with system status. Each unit is fitted with a Line Insulation Monitor (LIM) for the hat light supply to comply with the safety requirements set out in the IMCA / AODC requirements for safe use of electricity underwater

The camera and hat-light supply unit is also fitted with a single channel video overlay module which provides Time & Date generator functions for the video uplink channel, allowing the time and date to be superimposed on the video signal at selectable positions on the screen.


The overlay system can be managed externally through an Ethernet link to a PC software application (included with the unit). This interface allows the overlay to display title screens and allows configuration of the overlay features as required. Two video outputs are provided from the module – one with and one without the video overlay.

The Fathom overlay units will provide a ‘No Video Signal’ output composite video signal in the event of a loss of Diver’s hat camera video signal – allowing conventional DVR hard-disk recorders to be used for normal recording and black-box functions.


Power Output:

  • Camera 12V/15V/24Vdc Max 2A
  • Hat Light 0-36Vdc Max 1A

Power Requirements

  • 90-260Vac
  • 47-63Hz
  • 80W Max


  • 2004 DNV-OS-E402
  • AODC for Safe use of Electricity Underwater


  • IEC Mains Input (Fused)
  • Amphenol 19-Pin Socket for connections to Camera & Hat Light
  • Ethernet RJ45 Network Connector
  • Video Output 75-Ohm BNC Connector (without video overlay)
  • Overlay Output 75-Ohm BNC Connector (Video with text overlay)
  • Serial port connector (9-Pin D-Sub male)
  • Amphenol 6-pin male connector for incandescent hat light expansion option