SAT Diver Monitoring Systems

The Fathom Systems Diver Monitoring System, hereafter referred to as DMS, comprises a number of networked computers onboard the vessel, which communicate with bespoke hardware devices that acquire data from ‘real-world’ sensors fitted to various parts of the dive system.

These sensors measure parameters such as depths, temperatures, gas compositions, hot water temperature, humidity etc.  The main function of the system is to measure these physical parameters and store the values on a computer disk file for archiving and subsequent analysis.  In addition to recording the sensor values, there are a number of computers that provide operators with real-time graphical displays of the sensor values to assist in the management of diving operations.

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Depending on the area of vessel operations and the requirements of the end client, there are different requirements of the system.  The most arduous prescriptive specification that is in common use for DMS installations is the Norwegian (Norsok) U-100 document.  Fathom Systems have supplied a number of Norsok compliant systems, however as each client requirement is likely to be different, certain systems are likely to have less capability than others but retaining sufficient expansion capability to comply with the Norsok standard should this be a future requirement.

The DMS operates using an industrial Ethernet network to link together the various computers, sensors and sensor interface devices.  This Ethernet network is maintained as a ‘closed’ network in that it is completely separate from other vessel networks.  This is to maintain integrity and security of the DMS function. The sensors that are interfaced to the DMS can be system sensors used for other purposes on the diving system (i.e. shared sensors between their primary function and the DMS), or dedicated DMS sensors.  The selection of the sensors is generally determined by the desired redundancy and available space and budget.