Temperature & Humidity Control Panel

Temperature Humidity

The Fathom Systems ‘Temperature and Humidity Display Unit’ is a compact 19” x 1U system chassis designed for installation in an enclosed industrial rack cabinet.

The unit receives its signals directly from a combined 4-20mA temperature and humidity sensor mounted inside the rack cabinet and clearly displays the internal temperature in degrees centigrade and % relative humidity. The purpose of the display is to allow the dive system operators to check that the internal rack environment is at a suitable temperature and humidity – and to check that the rack chiller unit is operating correctly.

Quite often the rackmount solution provided by Fathom Systems will be installed in a confined area and may necessitate a glass fronted door to meet with a particular IP (ingress protection) rating. This is likely to be accompanied by an industrial chiller unit often mounted at the rear of the rack cabinet. This unit operates automatically, cooling the internal rack environment if required.  The unit is a sealed heat exchanger and therefore prevents outside air from entering the rack cabinet (unlike ventilation fans etc.).  There are no User controls for the cooler, as it is set up to operate automatically.