iNL - intelligent Network Logger


The Fathom Systems intelligent Network Logger, or iNL, is a topside serial data instrumentation hub that may be used in a number of applications, though most commonly for the DMS.

Whenever a system features Fathom Systems or 3rd party sensor equipment that requires a mixture of analogue and digital signals to be converted from their ‘raw’ format to an Ethernet network data stream, the iNL is the ideal solution. Packaged in an industrial 19” x 3U rackmount system chassis, the iNL is commonly installed in SAT & Dive Control room areas.

With integrated power supply unit and processor electronics, the modular iNL hosts a 7-slot passive backplane PCB that allows a mixture of 8-channel analogue or 16-channel digital electronic PCBs to be installed depending on the application. Please refer to the images of the graphical user interface shown below that depict both analogue and digital inputs.

Typical hardware hosted by the iNL includes hot water machine temperature & pressure signals/alarm status signals, trunk, clamp & interlock status, temperature & humidity signals. 

iNL Analogue Input GUI

iNL Digital Input GUI