Bell iAU

The Fathom Systems intelligent Acquisition Unit, or iAU, is an integral part of the SAT DMS and acts as an instrumentation hub by providing the sensor interface for all the transducers on the Bell.

This unit is a stainless steel oil-filled enclosure, mounted outside the Bell and pressure compensated to ambient seawater depth with a Fathom dedicated 500cc compensator and proximity switch low oil level indicator.  A clear acrylic window on the front of the unit allows technicians to view diagnostic and status indicators for each of the interface channels. The iAU communicates through an RS485 telemetry data-link to the intelligent communications router, or iCR, in dive control, where the data from the Bell mounted sensors is converted and transmitted to the server across the network. An electrical pressure penetrator is used to carry the signals from the sensors inside the diving Bell to the external iAU.