Diver's Depth Transducer

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The Fathom Systems depth/pressure sensor is a small, rugged, field proven stainless steel sensor for measuring diver depth (10 & 40 Bar).

Specifically designed to measure diver and bell depths in deep diving systems it can also be used for a range of other manned and remote applications and in other harsh environments where elevated pressures, humidity, sea water or other aggressive fluids preclude the use of standard sensors.

The threaded sensor end is protected by a plastic nose which is removable for calibration.

Standard pressure ranges are 10 and 40 bar, with other ranges available on special order.

Fathom Systems also supplies a range of other sensors and pressure transducers for specific applications in the subsea industry.  These have a variety of ranges and output types including very high accuracy digital interfaces.



Diver depth sensor tech drawings

Available Pressure Ranges: 
          0 – 10 bar sealed gauge or
          0 – 40 bar sealed gauge

Power supply:
          8 - 28V DC

          4 – 20 mA

Temperature Compensation:
          -10° to +80°C


          Jupiter 4 pin (RER M 10MT 04-16) or Jupiter 3 pin (RER M 10MT 04-16)

Fluid Compatibility:
          Seawater, hydraulic oil, water/glycol (HFC fluids), oil in water emulsions (HFA fluids), mineral and vegetable oils, fuels, heavy oils, water. For other fluids contact Fathom Systems.

          Other pressure ranges
          Different connector (Type, No. pins) 
          Fully moulded cable


Ordering Information:

For further product information, please see the attached pdf or contact Fathom Systems.  

  • 40 bar (4 pin connector) - order code: 000-001-688
                Legacy Part Number: SP-014-108-005-00
  • 40 bar (3 pin connector) - order code: 000-001-689
                Legacy Part Number: SP-014-108-006-00
  • 10 bar (4 pin connector) - order code: 000-000-507
                Legacy Part Number: SP-014-108-007-00
  • 10 bar (3 pin connector) - order code: 000-000-506
                Legacy Part Number: SP-014-108-008-00