Hot Water Temperature Sensor

temp sensor

The Fathom Systems temperature sensor is a small, rugged, field proven stainless steel sensor for measuring temperature across a pressure barrier.

Specifically designed to measure diver’s hot water temperature in deep diving systems it can also be used for a range of other manned and remote applications and in other harsh environments where elevated pressures, humidity, sea water or other aggressive fluids preclude the use of standard sensors.

The sensor is installed using a standard high pressure compression fitting to seal across the pressure barrier.

The sensor is based upon an industry standard PT100 RTD platinum resistance element and

Interfaces to any suitable RTD electrical interface.

Fathom Systems also supplies a range of other sensors for specific applications in the subsea industry.


Operating Temperature/Sensor Range:

-50° to +200°C

Fluid Compatibility:

Seawater, hydraulic oil, water/glycol (HFC fluids), oil in water emulsions (HFA fluids), mineral and vegetable oils, fuels, heavy oils, water.
For other fluids contact Fathom Systems.

Barrier Fitting:

6mm compression fitting.

Maximum pressure across barrier:

250 barg.


Suitable interfacing circuitry must be provided to convert the sensor’s industry standard 2-wire PT100 output.
Fathom Systems can assist with this.

Cable Length:

4m standard


  • Cable Length
  • Moulded output connector
  • 3 and 4 wire configurations
  • Extended temperature range


Ordering Information:

Order Code: 000-001-692
Legacy Part Number: SP-014-109-001-00