Hot Water Flowmeter

Hot Water Flowmeter 3 reduced inside

The Fathom Systems Hot Water Flowmeter is specifically designed for measuring diver's hot water flow rate in deep diving systems. 

Divers are supplied with hot water from the surface via three separate hoses in the main bell umbilical.  These three supplies are fed to a distribution and cross-over manifold inside the bell.  From this manifold there are three hot-water supplies (one for each diver), and for each of these there is a temperature and flow sensor.  These sensors are fitted to the pipework inside the bell, and connect to the external iAU via the internal iBIS junction box and the iAU bell penetrator.

Sensors are calibrated during installation and then calibrated again periodically.  Under typical running conditions, the flowmeter would normally indicate a hot-water flowrate of up to 30 litres per minute.