Control Room Audio Solutions

Diveer comms 03

To complement the Fathom Systems DDCS, we offer additional 3rd party branded accessories designed to enhance the system even further.

Whilst many systems might use a traditional dynamic capsule Gooseneck style microphone, an item that features with our remote inspection outstations, an option for use with the Touchscreen OCP is  a compact condenser microphone with preamplifier circuit. This is a specialist and versatile microphone with a proven track record primarily in the media broadcasting and music recording industries offering unrivalled performance and audio quality. This mic would typically feature in OCPs installed in a SAT Control room area where the amplifier unit is mounted on the rear of the OCP and the 25mm diameter microphone is installed remotely on a wall using a magnetic base and miniature gooseneck stand. The all-metal, multi-position mounting ring provides 180 degree of vertical rotation, while the microphone head is connected to the OCP amplifier via a custom shielded Kevlar reinforced cable. The microphone body incorporates both a high-pass filter which can be introduced to cut vibration, rumble and undesired sound sources under 80Hz, while the pad setting offers a -10 dB level attenuation, useful when recording louder sound sources. This is a perfect solution for use by the Diving Supervisors during missions to allow the best audio clarity and quality in the control room environment.

The condenser microphone also features as part of the remote outstations installed in the inner area main living chamber of the SAT Diving System. In this instance the amplifier is installed within the IP67 enclosure and the microphone is mounted in an appropriate location on a flat vertical surface within the chamber. This reciprocates the audio quality experienced by the Supervisors in SAT Control by providing the same for the Saturation Divers in their living quarters.


Control Room Speakers

To complement the compact condenser microphone in the control room area, we also offer branded environmental speakers in the form of the Bose® 151 and 191.

The Bose® 151 environmental speakers feature enhanced performance and durability for full stereo sound in a wide listening area such as SAT Control. The rugged construction and adjustable mounting brackets allow clients to install the speakers, which feature an Articulated Array®, vertically or horizontally.

Inside each speaker are three 6.35cm full-range environmental drivers arranged to deliver full stereo sound across a much wider area than conventional outdoor speakers. The result is Stereo Everywhere® for a consistent listening experience as the Supervisor moves around the control room area. With these exterior speakers the client and DDCS operator experiences consistent Bose® quality sound across a wider area, not just one sweet spot.

The Bose® 191 flush-mount speakers are intended for installation in the ceiling of the control room area.  These are a high performance speaker featuring the ‘ Virtually Invisible®’ appearance of  speakers that almost disappear. The Articulated Array® speaker design delivers spacious, natural sound throughout the listening area. Like the 151, Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance makes it possible to hear balanced audio almost anywhere in the control room, not just one sweet spot.


Sennheiser Headset

Fathom Systems selected and preferred Supervisors headset of choice is the Sennheiser HMD46-31. As standard, all OCP’s are supplied with a headset of this model. This is a lightweight and comfortable dual-ear boomset used in critical operational environments such as air traffic control and therefore lends itself nicely to commercial diving operations for use in both SAT Control and Dive Control areas.  The two-piece headband automatically adjusts to accomodate virtually any head size, and the soft earpads provide lasting comfort.  The earpieces can flip away for single-ear monitoring, allowing the operator to hear the environment along with the headset. A noise-compensating dynamic microphone provides excellent speech transmission.  The microphone sits at the end of a flexible gooseneck, which can be worn on the right or left side for precise monitoring.  An easily-replaceable single-sided cable provides the perfect amount of slack and minimizes messy tangles.

Fathom Systems supply the Sennheiser HMD46-31 along with built-in steel strain relief cable assembly to interface directly to the OCP. The HMD46-31 is also used with the Supervisors Wireless Belt Pack.


Tecpro Headset

Fathom Systems selected and preferred headset of choice for use in the inner area (Chamber and Bell) is the Tecpro DMH220. This model is supplied with all remote outstations requiring a headset such as Main Lock, Entry Lock, TUP, Bell and SPHL areas. This is a robust twin muff headset with noise cancelling dynamic microphone on a flexible steel reinforced boom.


Beyer Dynamic Headset

Fathom Systems selected and preferred headset of choice for use with the topside emergency ‘thru water communications’ system transceiver is the Beyer Dynamic DT109 . This model is supplied solely with the ‘thru water comms’ topside and is a headset typically used for broadcast, film, language lab and communications. The adjustable noise cancelling dynamic microphone provides excellent intelligibility and has been used successfully for many years by Fathom Systems.