Rackmount Solutions

Comms Rackmount Solution IMG 2578

The modular rackmount chassis arrangement of the Fathom DDCS allows flexibility and scalability when designing the architecture of the system.  

The User does not normally need to interact with the System Chassis, except where switching between Duty and Standby systems in redundant configurations is required.

The System Chassis can either be a separate rack module in a different location to its associated Operator Control Panel, or it can be an integral combined unit with the OCP. There is always only one System Chassis for each Operator Control Panel, and there is a permanent hard-wired connection between the System Chassis and OCP.  This connection is a duplex audio link and either an Ethernet link or a Serial Link for command and control.

The System Chassis operates from either an AC or a DC power supply and is configured to suit the required application. The System Chassis is a high specification 3U 19” subrack designed for shock and vibration tolerance and EMC compliance.  A 5-slot passive backplane PCB inside the chassis allows a number of pluggable modules to be installed and connected together internally.  These modules come in a number of different designs to provide a wide range of functionality as described within this section, ‘System Modularity’. When the OCP is mounted separately from the main System Chassis, a front switching plate with power toggle switch and indicative LED is installed in lieu.


At the point of order, it must be determined whether the System Chassis will be integrated (incorporate the OCP) or non-integrated (separate OCP). For much larger complex systems, the System Chassis is often recessed to allow the installation of the CIM electronics and is supported by a fan tray that hosts the DIN rail mounted CIM’s as well as an AC interface for the fans to allow free circulation of air in a control room environment. The recessed System Chassis is typically installed in a 42U or 47U industrial 19” rack which may be installed in a suitable control room area on the DSV (Dive Support Vessel).

Approximate dimensions required for System Chassis are as follows:

  • Integrated System Chassis – 19” x 3U x 362mm deep (+CIM’s)
  • Non-Integrated System Chassis – 19” x 3U x 302mm deep (+CIM’s)
  • Stand Alone OCP – 19” x 3U x 197mm deep
  • Recessed System Chassis – 19” x 3U x 422mm (for use with Fan Tray 4U x 19” x 350mm)

Please contact Fathom Systems for further details on rackmount solutions.