The iCOA intelligent Carbon Monoxide Analyser adds to the Fathom Systems family of gas analysers to provide monitoring of sample gases for trace amounts of Carbon Monoxide.

The CO Slave unit functions in conjunction with an O2 Master unit by means of an RS485 connection (iNET bus).  CO data is also output via the O2 Master Ethernet interface.

Like the O2, the CO unit features barometrically corrected & normalised gas concentration information.  The main display is of LED type for clear at a glance viewing from a good distance.  The VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) also provides clear from any angle.

Two factory configured digital set points are available which will trigger an audible and visual alarm and operate a configurable fail-safe volt-free alarm contact.  One set point is available for field configuration. The volt-free normally open alarm contact is typically used for compressor shutdown.

The sensor interface includes integrated hardware signal monitoring for upper and lower out-of-range sensor conditions while dual safety relays ensure reliable and fail-safe operation.