Sample Gas Manifold

iGA Sample Manifold cropped

The 6-input Sample Manifold Slave Module is used to allow 6 different samples to be routed individually to an analyser rack.

The Sample Manifold is used in conjunction with a single input Sample Processor unit, allowing 6 sample inputs and three calibration gas inputs.

The Sample Manifold provides gas switching via six solenoid valves, but also includes a proportional flow control valve and mass-flowmeter to allow the Proof Test function to be carried out.  Operation of the Sample Manifold is very similar to the Sample Processors, but with a reduced functionality menu.


On the rear panel of the Sample Manifold there are six quick-connect couplings marked Sample A to Sample F.  The technicians/installation engineers should connect the sample supplies to these inputs at a regulated pressure.

Inside the Sample Manifold, the input supplies each pass through a small particle filter (to ensure no contamination reaches the control valves or sensors) and then connect to their own switching solenoid valve.  There are six solenoid valves installed.

The Sample Processor controls which gas is ‘Online’ by energising the appropriate solenoid valve to connect that input to the flow processing/measurement stage.  The outputs from all solenoid valves are commoned together and are routed to a proportional flow control valve.  This valve is fully open when any sample is online, and closed when all samples are OFF.

A mass-flowmeter is connected to the downstream side of the flow control valve, and this flowmeter measures the gas flow through the unit.  This flowmeter is only used during Proof Testing, so the reading of flow on the front panel is for indication only during normal operations – and the Sample Processor flow reading should be used instead.