2300cc Bladder Compensator


The Fathom Systems 2300cc bladder compensator can be used for:

  • Ambient pressure compensation
  • Provision to cope with thermal or other changes in system volume

This compensator is primarily intended for use where overpressure compensation is not appropriate.

A typical application is to compensate a subsea junction box that uses glanded cables. If the Cables aren’t completely water blocked then the junction box oil will be squeezed from the box via voids in the cable. The use of zero pressure (bladder) compensator, slows the rate of migration to a controllable level, and the compensator can be re-filled until a static condition is achieved.

Made of unplasticised PVC, Neoprene and Stainless Steel the compensator can be used with a wide range of fluids.

Fathom Systems also supplies a range of other compensators for specific subsea applications including other volumes and overpressure (spring/diaphragm) compensators.

For more information please talk to Fathom Systems.

NOTE: The compensator is not fitted with a pressure relief valve as standard. The system to which it is fitted MUST be fitted with a pressure relief valve.


2300cc drawing

Bladder Volume:

2300cc (140 in3)

Maximum Design Pressure:

The compensator structure and fittings are rated for a maximum relieving pressure (under fault conditions) of 1 barg.

Fluid Compatibility:

Hydraulic oil, water/glycol (HFC fluids), oil in water emulsions (HFA fluids), mineral and vegetable oils, fuels, heavy oils, water. For other fluids contact Fathom Systems

Pipe Thread:

¼” BSPP (female).