500cc Pressure Compensator

500ccHBC 02

The Fathom Systems 500cc compensator can be used for:

  • Pressure compensation
  • Thermal or other changes in system volume
  • Suppression of pressure spiking in hydraulic systems

A colour coded piston end provides visual indication of the state of fill of the compensator and the pressure rating of the compensator.

Made of Acetal and Stainless Steel with neoprene seals the compensator can be used with a wide range of fluids.

Compensators are available with a number of pressure ratings. Other options include state of fill sensors and alternative pipe connections.

Fathom Systems also supplies a range of other compensators for specific subsea applications, including other sizes and zero pressure (bladder) compensators.


The compensator is not fitted with a pressure relief valve as standard. The system to which it is fitted MUST be fitted with a pressure relief valve.


500cc drawing

  1. All dimensions in mm UOS
  2. Mount by using 5mm blind holes or by clamping to comp body
  3. Mount as close to vertical as possible


Swept Volume:

500cc (30.5 in3)

Maximum Design Pressure:

The compensator structure and fittings are rated for a maximum relieving pressure (under fault conditions) of 3 barg.

Operating Temperature:

-20° to +70°C.

Fluid Compatibility:

Hydraulic oil, water/glycol (HFC fluids), oil in water emulsions (HFA fluids), mineral and vegetable oils, fuels, heavy oils, water.

For other fluids contact Fathom Systems.

Pipe (and sensor) Threads:

¼” NPT or optional ¼” BSPP (pipe fittings), ¼” BSPP (sensor fitting).


Fathom Systems pressure compensators are available with a number of options.  Please contact enquiries@fathomsystems.co.uk for further information.