Proximity Sensor

prox sens 02

The Fathom Systems proximity sensing indicator is a 2-wire normally open reed switch contact that triggers an alarm when the volume of oil in the host compensator and hydraulic system reaches a dangerously low oil level.

Suitable for operations up to 3000msw, this is available in both a terminated format (SubConn MCIL2M & Collar MCDLSF standard, but others available on request) or unterminated format (glanded entry). This type of oil level proximity sensing indicator is more commonly used for general purpose oil filled junction boxes containing electronics or such like, both in the SAT Diving or ROV sectors. Typically this is used with Fathom Systems iVP – intelligent valve packs and SAT Dive system components such as ‘thru water communications’, iAU – intelligent acquisition unit and 95Ah emergency battery unit electronics.

prox sens 03

  1. All dimensions in mm UOS
  2. Cable length & connector to suit application