Level Indicating Sensor

level sensing ind02

The Fathom Systems level sensing indicator is a sophisticated 2-wire fully proportional feedback sensor that provides an accurate indication of oil level within the host compensator and hydraulic system at all times.

Suitable for operations up to 3000msw, this is available in both a terminated format (connector to be confirmed by client) or unterminated format (glanded entry).  This type of oil level sensing indicator is recommended for use with junction boxes containing battery power supplies that are a critical element of a SAT Dive or ROV system and must be monitored closely and at all times.  This sensor is suitable for use with both the 500cc and 1500cc pressure compensators.

The Fathom Systems proportional level sensing indicator acts in the same way as a potentiometer.  It provides a resistance which is proportional to the displacement of the compensator.

The following graph shows the approximate resistance values given over the stroke of the sensor:

Proportional Level Sensing Indicator Graph Resistance versus Distance

When the pressure compensator is empty it will display a value of around 10K Ohms.

When the pressure compensator is full it will display a value of around 1K6 Ohms.

The values can be fed into an A-D convertor for entry into a microprocessor system or simple comparator circuit to provide an accurate low level alarm system.

Full stroke is around 120mm and therefore around 1K6 Ohms.