General Function

The Fathom Systems iVP, with mechanical modular format and up to 25 PWM channel availability on the valve power driver electronics, allows for a potential make-up of up to 12 bi-directional valves, plus a pressure control valve.

This may, however, be a mixture of directional and pressure control valves with each valve coil effectively requiring a single channel, though consideration must be given to the number of internal sensors in existence requiring additional I/O capability.



Within the iVP section, several examples of bespoke tooling applications are featured, however, the product is also available as a ‘general function’ multi-purpose control system package either with or without the Master iPP. The flexibility offered from the modular design allows a specification to be drafted that meets with the exact needs of the clients hydraulic operational requirements.

The iVP is part of an integrated and flexible family of subsea control system products which enable real-time control of equipment at a remote location at the same time as collecting and transmitting sensor data for display or storage at a surface control PC.

A multi-purpose system provides control to hydraulic equipment, gathers instrumentation signals from sensors and is scaleable meaning that components can be added to a system to provide tailored control requirements at optimal cost. A number of multi-purpose systems have been supplied for general tooling functionality and using a mixture of module varieties.

Please contact Fathom Systems with your hydraulic control requirements so we can specify a suitable iVP to match.

General Function iVP