Manipulator Arm Controller

In partnership with J2 Subsea Ltd., we can now offer the complete Atlas 7 function manipulator arm, fully integrated with a dedicated proportional iVP with associated control system software. 


The proportional valves provide accurate and smooth control of the hydraulic functions without the need for external fixed flow throttles. Typically, all functions use centre-closed spool valves of type NG3 WDPFA03-ACB-S, with the exception of the Jaws which use centre-open type WDPFA03-ADB-V. Four functions also feature load-holding pilot operated check valves of type BDERV3.



The Windows® based control software is offered pre-installed on a branded laptop PC with X-Box 360 Wireless & Wired Joystick control. As standard, the system is supplied with a fully comprehensive spares kit and intelligent pressure compensator in a closed cell foam flight case and is available exclusively from J2 Subsea Ltd.

Atlas03System Set-Up 

Electronics Module (Burton or SubConn Host Options)
Wandfluh NG3 Valve type WDPF-A03
Wandfluh PO Check Valve types BDERV3
SUN High Flow Pressure Relief Valves
System & Depth Pressure TXD’s
Single Input & Return to Tank

Internal Sensors 

Depth TXD: 300 Bar 0-5v
System Pressure TXD: 600 Bar 0-10v


Electronic 100Hz Loop Control
Hydraulic Working Pressure: 300 bar (max)


Depth Rating: 3000msw (optional to 6000msw)
P, T, Fill & Drain: 3/8” BSPP
NG3 Valve: 1/4” BSPP
Material: 6082T6 Al Hard Anodised to BS5599, Dyed Black & Dichromate Sealed to 50 Microns
Weight in Air: 29kgs
Weight in Water: 21kgs
App Dims 508 x 186 x 180 (in mm, centre to centre of mounting holes)


Power: 24v DC smoothed & regulated
Data: RS232/RS422 (for use with ROV MUX) ARCNET (mini system used for comms between host & slave hardware subsea)
Host Interface: SubConn BH10MSS (spec 44 wire) or Burton 5507-1508
External Sensor Interface: SubConn MCBH6FSS x 2, MCBH8FSS x 2 (Spec 44 wire)

Electronics Set-up Options

Processor, Valve Power Driver, Low Voltage & Diagnostics, 12 & 16 bit analogue and 8 x digital inputs for instrumentation.
Local LED status of telemetry, power supplies, water ingress and alarms visible through viewport

Software Features

Graphical Representations, Password Protection, Automatic Calibration, Alarm Control, Diagnostics Valve and Electronics Operation, Optional Video Overlay, Data Logging, Emergency Stop, System Presets, Water Ingress Alarms

Topside Control

Branded Laptop PC (IBM LeNovo Think Pad), Windows X-Box 360, USB/RS232 Converter, Optical Mouse. Optional –Panasonic Toughbook CF31

For price and availability of a complete system, please contact J2 Subsea Ltd. on +44 (0)1224 248090 or visit

Revised April 2014.  Specifications subject to change without notice.