Manipulator Arm & Torque Tool Controller Combined

The Fathom Systems iVP based intelligent torque tool controller may be ‘married’ to the 8-function manipulator arm system to provide a ‘Two-in-One’ control system solution in a single manifold – a field proven cost effective solution for all operators. 

At the point of the end blanking plate on the standard 8-function manipulator arm control iVP, this is replaced with a mid-section blanking plate (P&T), followed by reverse orientation Torque Tool control module, single NG3 module for latch and Hi-Lo Torque gearbox only and end blanking plate with both pressure input and return to tank line. Both hydraulic circuits for the manipulator arm and the torque tool are therefore completely isolated from one another.

Manipulator Arm Torque Tool Controller Combined 03

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